Technology Validation

Launching a new product in the automotive and fleet space is incredibly difficult. It requires significant capital, testing and human resources. There are looming regulatory and certification burdens that await as soon as you get out of BETA. If that was not enough, the industry is full of bad actors, who sling snake oil solutions. Charlatans peddling shady technology, have poisoned the environment for the real innovators.
carbonBLU is your partner, in providing credible, third party validation for your products. Our technical expertise and industry profile will aid your brand in establishing credibility. We apply the scientific method to derive real, defensible results.
As always our marketing team can provide powerful storytelling for the lest technical audience. Alongside our third party verification service, we can deliver a wealth of value add sevices. We provide compliance audits and program management. Our staff work to ensure that you can focus on what is most important, your business.
Our team collaborates with ECO, Inc to provide regulatory compliance services. ECO, Inc is the worlds leading engine and emissions certification firm. They manage US EPA and California ARB compliance for brands all over the world. We work emissions testing labs around the United States to bring services to you. Our in-use testing team maintains our own toolkit of testing equipment.